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Hobby Loft Original

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Hobby Loft being used as an artist's painting room

A Home Designed For Your Passion, Hobby or Business

The Original Hobby Loft thoughtfully blends living and creative space so you can do everything from home. Forget renovating a traditional floor plan — build something new with your passion or business in mind.
Line drawing emphasizing the height of the ceilings on two different levels

11' ceilings on main floor and 10' ceilings on second floor

Line art showing two overlapping floor spaces

2200 - 2800 square feet

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Fully heated slab on grade and screw pile construction

Line art of the frame of a home

Timber framed main floor

Abstract line art of shapes representing the customizability of the Hobby Loft

Fully customizable passion space on the main floor and beautiful living space on the second floor

Hobby Loft 2.0 Main Level Studio Space

Your Hobby Space Includes

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Complete Soundproofing

We soundproof the entire space including the walls and ceiling to reduce noise transference to the rest of the house

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Unique Air Flow System

This keeps airflow  separate which is great if your passion involves anything that creates dust, smells or fumes

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Separate Heating & Cooling System

This helps you create an independent ecosystem that is perfectly aligned with your passion

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Dedicated Entrance & Commercial Doors

Featuring a separate entrance and set of double commercial doors between the garage for easy access or combining the two spaces if needed

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Washroom and Wet Bar

This is great for entertaining clients or making sure you can maintain your momentum as you pursue your passion

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Custom Power Options

Power requirements can be uniquely designed to meet your particular needs including a 220V power receptacle and workbench height outlets

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Commercial Lighting

We offer a variety of different lighting options to ensure you are able to make the space as bright or as dim as you need

Blocks arranges to show an abstract weight distribution.

Engineered Concrete Floor System

The floor is designed to exceed the weight limits of a garage so small vehicles or equipment can be brought in with zero worries about structural stress

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Line art of the three different Hobby Loft models


Curious about the Hobby Loft?
Explore our process, warranty details and more.

How does the Hobby Loft purchase process work?
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Once the details of the project have been finalized, 10% of the total amount will be required to commence construction. Once the project and final walkthrough have been completed, the remaining amount will be required prior to key release.

What are the Hobby Loft warranty details?
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All Hobby Lofts built by Red Plaid Developments come with a full 1-Year Warranty on all installation and materials.  Additionally, all projects include the Progressive New Home Warranty which covers building and mechanical issues for 5 years and any structural issues for up to 10 years.

How long does a Hobby Loft take to build?
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A Hobby Loft can be completed in 8 months.

Can you work with different budgets?
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Yes.  A Hobby Loft can be designed specifically with your budget in mind.

Does the standard Hobby Loft have a basement?
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No.  The Hobby Loft is considered slab-on-grade construction. This allows us to eliminate any steps to home entry. We also end up with a gorgeous, heated concrete floor in your Hobby area for parking small vehicles, equipment or whatever you would like to do in the space. Even better — a concrete slab is supported by 50-60 engineered screw piles 15’ deep. These go much deeper than a typical basement footing and ensure a very solid base from which to build.

Do You Have a Hobby Loft Show Home I Can Look At?
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We do not have a dedicated show home yet but we are always in the middle of a project. Contact us at any time if you would like to take a look and meet our team.

Do you build in a specific area?
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Nope. We purchase lots that we feel are the right fit for the HobbyLoft concept or choose an area based on your requirements and wish list.

What if I already own a lot?
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That’s great! Red Plaid Developments would love to be your builder.

How involved will I need to be in the process?
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All layouts and finishes are customizable. That means input from you is strongly encouraged, but we know that can be overwhelming at times. One of our building representatives will work with you every step of the way to make sure the process is easy and stress-free. You can be involved as much or as little as you would like.

Can I run a business out of a Hobby Loft?
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Yes you can! In fact, we encourage it and will help in any way we can. Each jurisdiction has rules regarding a ‘home-based business license’ that we can review together to make sure you meet all the requirements. We can also design your Hobby Loft to suit your particular business. We love small businesses!

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